Everything you need to know about Restyling your Jewelry

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When restyling your jewelry there are endless possibilities. People change so much throughout their lives and the ring you were rocking in the 80's may no longer feel like it belongs on your hand. You may wish to use the original setting with a new center stone or you might have an existing stone you want placed into a new setting. Either way, your new piece has the ability to look completely different from the original!

Custom diamond three stone ring with a halo of diamonds around each ring

The reasons for wanting to restyle your jewelry are many. If you are going through a divorce your gut instinct may be to throw your rings in the ocean. We get that and we have all been there- jewelry holds sentimental value and memory. However, there’s no need to waste a perfectly gorgeous diamond or gemstone! Over time your heart will heal and that engagement ring you turned into a new pendant or right hand ring will be your favorite item in your jewelry drawer, and a symbol of a new beginning. At MiaDonna, our designers can work with you to create a whole new look.


Have a stone you want set in a new piece?


Justine, our Sales Manager, has worked with many people to transform their jewelry pieces. Recently, Justine combined two meaningful stones into one piece for a client who had a diamond and an aquamarine. The client had her mother's 0.50ct round cut diamond engagement ring and an aquamarine stone from a ring her parents had given her when she was younger. She wanted to make something unique out of the two stones. The result was a Toi et Moi Ring that the client is in love with. We cherish the opportunity to create a new item of jewelry for you while keeping the sentimental value of your original piece.

Custom designed modern engagement ring featuring a diamond and blue sapphire

Maybe you just don’t like how your ring looks anymore and you want a new style. Would you wear the same shoes for 20 years? Probably not. If you have a ring that you want to be restyled you aren’t limited to recreating another ring. You can make earrings or a pendant! Say you have a ring that has been collecting dust in a drawer, you can use the stone to set into an earring and then purchase the additional one for a matching set.


Did you inherit your grandmother’s gorgeous pendant, but it's just not your style? It’s easy to reset in another piece. Use the diamonds and make a gorgeous engagement ring! Setting a client’s loose stone in a MiaDonna setting is only $250 plus the cost of the setting. All we need are the exact dimensions of the stone to confirm it will fit within the setting of your choice. You can also have your MiaDonna Lab Grown Diamond, Gemstone, or Diamond Hybrid® set in a 3rd party setting. In some cases, repair work may be required on the setting before the stone can be set. For example, the ring setting might need a new head or prongs to accommodate the new center stone. This is a case by case scenario and we work with you every step of the way to create your dream jewelry!

Three stone diamond ring with gold band

I want a bigger rock!


When you were first engaged you may have been on a tighter budget and didn’t initially splurge on the dream ring. The exciting news is that there is always room to get a bigger diamond or gemstone! A common change people make with their fine jewelry is upgrading their center stone for a larger size. You can go from a 0.5ct to 2ct, or even 3ct! Yes!


In addition to changing size you may wish to also change the shape. It’s possible that in 2015 you were all about the round cut, but now all your heart desires is a pear cut. No problem! You can take your original stone and create a new piece of jewelry while choosing a new center stone for your original ring. Don’t let your original stone go to waste, make something else you can rock!

Custom three stone ring with two baguette cut diamonds on either side of center stone set in white gold

What is the Lab Grown Diamond Upgrade Program?


If you are looking for a bigger stone it’s worth checking out our Lab Grown Diamond Upgrade Program. You can upgrade your center stone to a bigger size or go from a Diamond Hybrid® to a Lab Grown Diamond. If a client upgrades from a Diamond Hybrid® to a Lab Grown Diamond we evaluate the Hybrid to check for scratches or damage. We then give you exactly what you paid for the Hybrid® to put toward the cost of a Lab Grown Diamond. The cost has to be at least double what you initially paid, which is easy to accomplish.

Our sales team is more than happy to help with your restyling request. As with our custom design program, our restyling program is a creative and fun process! You have the opportunity to create something that is uniquely you. Contact us to get an idea of what options you have.