Modern Engagements - Should I Propose to Him?

Article by MiaDonna

It’s a tale as old as time. A boy gets down on one knee with the perfect diamond engagement ring and asks the love of his life to marry him. It’s in all the movies and it’s what everyone expects. But wait, why does it have to be that way? Who said we had to wait for the man to take charge of the engagement?


The fact is times are changing. Many traditions of old are simply being replaced with more modern ideas. Lab grown diamonds are replacing earth mined diamonds. Brides are opting for colored dresses instead of white. More couples are saving money by eloping instead of throwing lavish weddings. In addition, we’re also seeing a shift in who is doing the actual proposing.


In an April 2020 survey about engagements, more than 10,000 people were interviewed and the results support this new change in protocol. The survey found that 57% of the women said they would propose to their boyfriend. What might be even more surprising is that 76% of the men thought women SHOULD propose. There’s clearly a new trend starting now, and we’re absolutely here for it. 


Which ladies have taken control of the engagement and proposed to their boyfriends?


When you first think about proposing to your boyfriend, it may not feel “right” because you don’t know anyone else who has done it. But the thing is you do! There are incredible female celebrities that you know and love who have indeed proposed.


Did you know that Kristen Bell proposed to her husband Dax Shepard? They didn’t want to get married until the state of California legalized marriage for every couple. Once same-sex marriage was legalized, Kristin was the one who asked Dax to marry her.


Singer Pink also proposed to Carey Hart with a pit board stating, “Will You Marry Me?” during the Pro 250 class finals. They later married in Costa Rica in 2006.


Even Elizabeth Taylor proposed to one of her eight husbands! Michael Wilding received a proposal from the actress, businesswoman, and humanitarian.


Why should you consider proposing?


If you want to propose to someone, don’t let any gender stereotype hold you back. After you and your partner have discussed engagement, either one of you should be able to do it. Remember, a proposal can be a surprise, but an engagement shouldn’t be. Make sure you and your boyfriend are on the same page about getting married before either of you makes it official. After that, go for it! You should feel empowered to tell him that you want your “forever” to include him. Don’t wait for him to tell you.


How should I propose?


Now that you’ve decided to pop the question, how will you do it? Planning a proposal can be such an exciting time and you know your relationship best. Whether you do it at home, on vacation, at a restaurant, or surrounded by friends and family, those details will be based on your relationship. That said, an engagement ring has historically been the centerpiece of a proposal. If you want to maintain that tradition, you can propose with a wedding band for him, or you can get a ring that you will wear following the engagement. If you get a ring for yourself, we suggest choosing a simple solitaire with a “place-holder” center stone, like MiaDonna’s Diamond Hybrid®, and then choosing your “official” engagement ring together. Did you know we have an upgrade program where you can get a full credit to upgrade to a lab-grown diamond and the setting of your dreams. But if you know what you want and don't mind paying for it yourself, then go ahead and get the ring of your dreams for the proposal. After all, it's about doing what feels right for you and your partner.



Now that you know you’re not alone in wanting to propose, we say Go For It! Life is short and you should celebrate the people you love in whatever way feels right for you and your relationship.