Sustainable City Guide to Chicago, Illinois

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A city full of fun activities, events, and places to check out, you’ll be overwhelmed with all the exciting things Chicago, Illinois holds. In a massive city with so many choices, there is truly something for everyone’s interests. At MiaDonna, we’re passionate about living sustainably and ethically as much as we possibly can. With Chicago being one of our favorite cities in the US, it was a no brainer to share our favorite spots with you! We pulled together a list of sustainable places to stay, eat, or shop at in Chicago, Illinois. Read our list below and take notes for the next time you’re in Chi-Town!

1. Stay at Hotel Felix Chicago

The first eco-friendly hotel in Chicago and LEED certified, Hotel Felix does all it can to promote sustainable art, recycling, and creating a pleasant eco-friendly home away from home.

They try and utilize all the natural resources around them to best serve customers and preserve our beautiful planet. Their exterior sculptures made from reclaimed materials, they use low energy-use lighting, such as compact fluorescent & LED throughout building and they even have a "Recycling Room" used by the hotel to sort recyclables.

In the hotel rooms, all of the interior carpet is made of recycled material, they have a linen reuse program and a full recycling program in use. In their fitness center, all of the flooring has been recycled and the cups and wipes are recyclable, too! You can feel confident staying at Hotel Felix knowing that so many amenities aren’t damaging the Earth any further, and that the employees are actively thinking of ways to reduce, reuse, and recycle. How impressive is that?

2. Eat at Uncommon Ground

Home of the first certified organic brewery in Illinois and the first organic rooftop in the United States, Uncommon Ground is paving the way for restaurants and cafes to easily incorporate more sustainable practices in their foods and production.

The owners of Uncommon Ground have tried to align their values with their business endeavors, focusing firstly on their ‘ecologically conscious’ restaurant and then adding their organic brewery and organic rooftop farm on top of their Edgewater restaurant location. They like to keep things sustainable and as resourceful as possible, even down to the way they clean their locations! They use eco-friendly cleaning products, high efficiency lighting, and they truly embody and emphasize the importance of local, organic, sustainable and humanely-raised ingredients.

3. Shop at Mod + Ethico

Headquartered in Chicago, Mod + Ethico are on a mission to make shopping more sustainable and eco-friendly without compromising quality and styles.

“We believe that women don’t have to compromise style for their values for quality, sustainability and fair wages.”

The Mod + Ethico team do their best to highlight small businesses, women-owned businesses, and ethical fashion. All of the designers they feature in their pop-up shops or online store make products made in the USA, use fair-trade practices with their products, eco-friendly materials and small scale production. With many different, beautifully unique clothing items and accessories, you will definitely get your shopping fill at Mod + Ethico!

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