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Top Picks: 7 Engagement Ring Trends in 2022

Top Picks: 7 Engagement Ring Trends in 2022

Top Picks: 7 Engagement Ring Trends in 2022

Finding the Perfect Style for a Fashion-Forward Bride


An engagement ring encapsulates a partnership between two people, accentuating your eternal love for one another. Keep reading and discover your dream on-trend ring to symbolize the start of your journey together.


Top 2022 Engagement Ring Trends

1. Toi et Moi Settings


Toi et Moi settings feature a combination of two different stones to represent the joining of two lives. Translating to "you and me", this asymmetrical design that lends itself to endless adaptation has been sent into popularity by the likes of Emily Ratajowski, Ariana Grande, and Megan Fox.


A moving and romantic idea, it represents two hearts fusing together in love or two parts of the same soul finding each other. This intricate type of ring is far from a new phenomenon — back in 1796 Napoleon Bonaparte proposed to Josephine de Beauharnais with one.

beautiful toi et moi setting ring with two different shaped diamonds in yellow gold

2. Elegant Coloured Rings


Some brides are moving away from traditional rings and towards a more involved process where they are empowered to choose the exact design they want. And guess what? Colors are taking over engagement ring trends.


Emerald greens and rosy pinks are making their way onto the scene, whether as a complement to a classic clear diamond or to replace it entirely. Read our blog on stunning rings to learn more about how to add a splash of color.

gorgeous 2ct oval cut lab grown gemstone set in a diamond accented engagement ring

3. One-of-a-Kind Customized


In recent years we have seen a shift towards personalized, limited edition engagement rings that merge the antique with the modern, and creativity with fashion. Designers are onboard with the daring evolution of engagement rings, and nowadays, the most popular wedding rings are customized entirely.


So why not play an active role to paint a picture of your once-in-a-lifetime love? Combine elements from various styles you like to build a ring with your partner that is truly yours. Build your own engagement ring with MiaDonna here.

unique custom made engagement ring with dual band twisted rope design and a 1ct  bezel set champagne pink sapphire

4. Chunky Sculptural Band


Bigger and better is emerging in 2022 engagement ring trends, but it's no longer all about the size of the stone. Wider wedding bands with a chunky aesthetic are catching eyes in the market, bringing more presence to engagement rings than ever before.


Thicker bands are not just a fashion statement, they also make a ring more durable, sturdy, and comfortable for everyday wear. Jewelry designers are taking note of the fact that androgynous styles are on the up, as people are starting to see the benefits of practicality over dainty prong settings.

modern minimalistic design engagement ring with thick band and solitaire diamond

5. The Size of the Rock


It is no surprise that engagement rings are getting bolder in the size of the diamond as well as the thickness of the band. A chunky rock makes an eye-catching center stone, and the trend is only increasing in size. Nowadays, the typical size is 2–3 carats, and sometimes even more!


Statement-making jewelry pieces are stealing the show, whether with a striking silhouette, a dazzling diamond with depth, or a complex art-deco-inspired piece. Expect to see jaw-dropping rocks on the menu for the rest of 2022 and well into 2023.

diamond accented teardrop lab diamond engagement ring

6. Oval-Shaped Diamonds


Rising in the ranks of popularity for engagement rings are also oval-shaped cuts. The elongated shape is incredibly flattering while offering the illusion that the rock is bigger than other diamonds of similar weight. You get more bang for your buck with oval cuts!


Celebrity engagements like that of Kourtney Kardashian and Hailey Beiber have helped tip oval cuts into the mainstream, with many choosing a subtle slim band and a delicate four-talon claw setting. This simplistic style lets the diamond speak for itself.


3ct oval cut lab grown diamond set in 14k yellow gold setting

7. Ethical Engagement Rings


In a world constantly shifting towards the more eco-conscious, consumer trends have followed suit. Earth-mined diamond and gold mines are a particular source of concern, as they are known to support war networks, rebel groups, and conflict worldwide.


Lab-Grown Diamonds are the more affordable, conflict-free, higher-quality alternative, so it is clear to see why they have spiked in sales. The tide is shifting, and CNN noted an 80% increase in jewelry sales featuring Lab-Grown Diamonds in a year.


If there is one thing to learn from 2022 wedding ring trends, it's that the choice is yours. The sky’s the limit with your creativity, so let your imagination shine through with your engagement ring designs.

ethical engagement ring with lab emerald show worn on hand


MiaDonna Team

MiaDonna is the world’s first retailer exclusively selling Lab-Grown Diamonds and Gemstones, created in 2005 by a mother determined to free families from a lifetime of poverty and mining. We specialize in designer-style fine jewelry that is beautiful, sustainable, and affordable. We are B-Corp certified, environmentally responsible, and donate 10% of profits to support communities negatively impacted by diamond and gold mining. MiaDonna is headquartered in Portland, Oregon and ships to all 50 states plus more than 30 countries internationally.