The Truth About Conflict Free Diamonds Exposed

Article by MiaDonna

There are so many diamonds being labeled as conflict free, but how trustworthy, exactly, is this label?


Did you know that markup from earth mined diamond jewelers can be as much as 100-200%. That’s the equivalent of paying 200 dollars for a bunch of bananas. Of course, the 800lb gorillas who dominate the 7 billion dollar a year diamond industry need the general public to falsely believe in the scarcity of diamonds to justify their offensive pricing and practices.

Various conflict free diamonds

In recent years, more consumers are moving toward eco friendly options in every aspect of their lives, as well as concerning themselves with ethical practices of companies they purchase from. This also means that many jewelers are tailoring their messaging in order to capture this growing consumer segment.


Many companies selling earth mined diamonds claim to be conflict free by hiding behind the Kimberley Process.


The main problem with the Kimberley Process is that the definition of a conflict diamond is too narrow. The conflict diamond definition, as per the Kimberley Process Certification Scheme (KPCS), is a “rough diamond mined in an area controlled by insurgent forces whose sale is used to finance anti-government military action.” This is a very specific caveat, and it does not take into account the harm done towards the children and adults in mining communities that are forced to work, threatened with violence, and unable to pursue other sustainable means of income.


While a diamond may be certified conflict free by the Kimberley Process, numerous individuals could have been kidnapped, raped, or killed mining those diamonds, and that is not accounted for.


Fortunately for consumers, there is a truly conflict free diamond option and it's popularity is on the rise. With Lab Grown Diamonds, we can guarantee the origin of the diamond and we only work with the world’s most technically advanced labs that have a deep rooted and long running history with us. As a certified B Corporation our sourcing practices are thoroughly evaluated and verified to be ethical and conflict free.

Beautiful conflict free diamonds shown in different shapes

Lab grown diamonds, also known as man made, lab created, or cultured diamonds, are 100% real diamonds and they are chemically, physically, and optically identical to earth-mined diamonds. However, unlike earth-mined diamonds, they are guaranteed conflict free. We like to think of it like ice. You can harvest ice from a glacier in the Arctic, or you can use the modern technology in your freezer to get ice cubes. As an additional bonus, they retail for about 20-40% less than earth mined diamonds.


Here's a great reference for determining the differences between real diamonds and simulants:

Real Diamonds

- Lab Grown

- Man Made

- Lab Created

- Cultured

- Synthetic

- Earth Mined


- *Exclusive to MiaDonna* Crystal core with an outer synthetic diamond layer

Diamond Simulants

- Moissanite

- White Sapphire

- Cubic Zirconia

- White Topaz

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