Celebrating April Birthdays with Lab Created Diamonds

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Lab Created Diamonds as the Modern April Birthstone


The modern birthstone for April babes is diamond. So, why not take your gifting up a notch and surprise your loved one with a modern take on their modern birthstone by choosing a lab created diamond. Not only are lab created diamonds more beautiful and more affordable than naturally mined diamonds - they hold all the same symbolism. For April birthdays the diamond represents eternal love, lasting relationships and inner strength along with the added ‘benefits’ of balance, clarity and abundance.


April's Birthstone - Lab Created Diamonds

Lab Created Diamond Gifts that Give Back


Your purchase of an eco-friendly lab created diamond at MiaDonna allows The Greener Diamond to repair the damage caused by the unethical harvesting of mined diamonds, gems, and precious metals.


Not only will they most likely freak out over their gift, but you can feel good about giving them something that is not only beautiful, but is also eco-friendly and conflict-free.


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