Trending Modern Solitaire Engagement Ring Styles

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Are you looking for a modern take on the classic solitaire engagement ring? Well look no further! Here are our top trending modern solitaire engagement ring styles.



The twisting metal band of the Mod combined with the high crown gives an updated look to the traditional solitaire. This setting is created for round cut diamonds, but we can custom make the ring to fit your choice of center stone shape.


Mod Solitaire: starting at $498 (setting only)


The Elsa solitaire engagement ring features a low-profile bezel setting, giving a modern and simplistic flair to a classic style. This setting works perfectly for someone with an active lifestyle, while still showing off that bling! Made primarily for a round, princess, or emerald cut, it can also be personalized for any shape you’d like.


Elsa Solitaire starting at $423 (setting only)


The illusion of a tension-set diamond gives a unique look to the Daci solitaire engagement ring. Held aloft between a twisted shank, this setting is an eye-catching alternative to a traditional, round-cut solitaire.


Daci Solitaire starting at $646 (setting only)


Can’t decide between metal colors for your ring? Luckily the Hoyt Two-Tone Engagement Ring has you covered! Able to be crafted in any combination of recycled metals or one singular metal, the Hoyt features a split shank that twists around a gorgeous round-cut center stone.


Hoyt Two Tone Engagement Ring starting at $729 (setting only)


Making a bold and brilliant statement, the Ambrose solitaire engagement ring features a thicker, squared-off shank and a half bezel setting to showcase a gorgeous round cut lab grown diamond or gemstone.


Ambrose Solitaire Engagement Ring starting at $455 (setting only)


Taking a vintage style rose-cut and pairing it with a delicate, modern tapered setting, the Paulina solitaire engagement ring encompasses the best of both worlds. With the rose-cut lab grown diamond center stone and various recycled metal options, this ring adds a one-of-a-kind twist to a classic solitaire style!


Paulina Solitaire Engagement Ring starting at $732 (setting only)


No matter your style, we’ve got the perfect solitaire engagement ring for you! Browse our options or chat with a personal shopper to create your dream ring today!