Saleem Ali: Lab-Grown Diamonds vs. Mined Diamonds - Environmental Impact

Article by MiaDonna

In recent months, a new name has brought up a lot of discussion in the diamond industry. Saleem Ali, a distinguished professor at the University of Delaware, poses interesting environmental and economic questions and comparisons between lab grown diamonds and earth-mined diamonds.

According to the University of Delaware's biography on Ali, his research and practice focuses mainly on ways of resolving ecological conflicts through technical and social mechanisms, as well as exploring novel ways of peace-building between corporations, governments and communities. He also holds the Blue and Gold Distinguished Professorship in Energy and the Environment at the University of Delaware, and is also a Senior Fellow at Columbia University's Center on Sustainable Investment and Georgetown University's Center for Australia, New Zealand and Pacific Studies. Furthermore, he is a member of the United Nations International Resource Panel, The IUCN World Commission on Protected Areas and serves on the board of the Diamonds and Development Initiative.


When it comes to the differences and opposing views between the lab grown diamond and earth-mined diamond industries, he says that when it comes down to the environmental impact, there's no question that lab grown diamonds are the better choice. He does, however, also state that the longer supply chain of mining diamonds from the earth provides more of livelihood for those involved in the mining. Watch the interview below with Saleem Ali, conducted by CGTN America, and take a look for yourself into the differences and pros and cons of each industry.