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Top 5 Best At Home Proposal Ideas for 2021

Top 5 Best At Home Proposal Ideas for 2021

Top 5 Best At Home Proposal Ideas for 2021

There is no need to postpone your engagement because you’re stuck at home on quarantine. Yes, it’s disappointing to abandon your elaborate proposal idea, but being quarantined with your fiancé doesn’t mean you shouldn’t pop that all-important question. You just need to be creative!

Getting imaginative and going ahead with your proposal plans is romantic, and shows your partner you can’t wait to be their husband or wife. To help you get started, here are 5 ideas to make your at-home proposal unique, romantic, and special!


Follow the Ribbon Proposal


This idea is simple, but incredibly romantic, and will remind your partner of all the wonderful memories you have made so far. For this proposal, you’ll need a long piece of ribbon or string, a fastener to attach your mementos to the ribbon (tape or safety pins work great) and as many keepsakes as you can gather. (Put your printer to work!) Tie the ribbon from one room of your home to another, attaching little notes and photographs of your best memories together along the way. You just need to wait at the end of the ribbon with your lab-grown diamond engagement ring in hand.

proposing at home by using a ribbon to lead to the surprise engagement ring

Fortune Cookie Proposal


What’s a great at-home date? Takeout and a movie, of course! This proposal idea is fun and perfect for couples who share a love for cozy nights in. All you need to do is order Chinese food and get your partner caught up with something in another room when it’s delivered. Simply take one of the fortune cookies, wrap it in a damp paper towel and microwave it for 30 seconds. This will soften the cookie so you can open it, remove the old fortune and replace it with your ethical engagement ring and a homemade fortune saying, “Will you marry me?”. As the cookie cools it will harden again so your partner will never expect the big surprise. Just make sure you don’t get your cookies mixed up!

proposing at home by hiding a note and engagement ring inside of a fortune cookie

Romantic Treasure Hunt Proposal


A Treasure Hunt proposal gives you the opportunity to be incredibly romantic and sentimental. While your partner is sleeping or occupied with a Netflix binge, hide the first clue someplace you know they will go, like the coffee pot or refrigerator. Then leave a clue to another place in the house, or a special outdoor location to find the next clue. You can play along with your partner and get on one knee at the final location, or send you partner off solo and be waiting at the final destination. If you head out of your house, just make sure to maintain safe social distancing from others.

proposing by going on a romantic treasure hunt

Play-a-Game Proposal


If you and your partner like playing board games together, challenge them to a game of Scrabble and spell out “Will you marry me” partway through the game. To ensure you have the right letters, stash them in an accessible, hidden spot before the game. Yes, that’s cheating, but the game is probably never going to be finished anyway! Or, if trivia is more your thing, play a trivia game and at a point when it is your turn to ask a question ask, “Will you marry me?” Don’t forget to have your engagement ring at the ready!

proposing by playing Scrabble

Pet Proposal


Do you and your partner have a fur baby? If so, getting them involved in the proposal is such a sweet way to do an at-home proposal. There are a few different options for a pet proposal; you can place the engagement ring on your pet’s collar and get them to wake your partner up in the morning, or get a custom dog or cat tag for the collar that reads “Will you marry me?”. Your partner will discover the special message when cuddling your furry friend. If your pet is patient (and well trained), you can get them to sit and wear a sign, saying “Will you marry me?”

proposing at home using a dog

With so many romantic and fun ways to pop-the-question at home, there's no reason to postpone ordering the perfect engagement ring or delaying your proposal! Don’t forget to send us a picture or tag us in your Instagram engagement post!


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